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Friday, April 10, 2009

♥ U cOmpLeTe mY 'EmpTy' LiFe..♥

He is ♥Yaslam Salleh..
Legenda College student, same with me!hee~
Taking Mechanical Engineering..
Already Taken by..♥ Nurul Izzaty Mohd Ariff...
-->Gentleman,Funny,Charming,Caring,Understanding,Hot-tempered, and Sweet!!!

.My heart & soul.
.He gives me the air to breath.
.Without him,im nothing.
.He lend me his shoulder when im crying.
.I can't lives without him.
.My everything.
.Always care about me.
.And I absolutely L♥♥♥♥VE him damn much!.
.Please don't ever break my heart.

.Thanks b..coz u r sunshine of my life!.
.Forever n ever.



erin ;) said...

jlesnye dye ade bf!!!

ezaty ariff said...

jgn jeles2 eh ..

**kYRan!** said...

oit..pe jiwang sgt ko nih..
x sesuwei lol..

ezaty ariff said...

xssuai ek!
ala sje..
tulus dr ati nih..

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